Registration memory copy?

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    Leo Vang

    Is it possible to copy 2 or more places from one registration memory Bank (fx bank 1) to another registration memory ( fx Bank 4) in “one take”.
    Right now I must take one place at a time.

    Leo Vang


    It`s easy .Choose menu 1 , Registration Freeze ,tick what to freeze from the old registration area ( for example from place 2, voice,style,pad )
    press button freeze , select Destination Registration Location , for example Nr.7 ) , turn off freeze , press Memory -Button next to Freeze
    Result : Registration 7 = Registration 2 . Finally:save whole bank , do not forget !


    If you copy an entire bank from one source folder to another destination folder, want to do it like this way:
    tape the source bank in the source folder,tap file,tap copy,copy appears here ,tap the arrow at the bottom right,
    select destination folder in user or usb , tap copy here.Result: entire bank in the destination folder.
    If you want to have the bank in the same folder twice,copying is not possible , then do it like this:
    tape source bank,tape file, save,save here,new assign names. Result: Source bank is with a new name in the
    same folder.Select the Freeze funktion when you select individual parametrs of a registration ( Voice,Tempo)
    which you can check in the Registration Freeze copy want.

Ansicht von 3 Beiträgen - 1 bis 3 (von insgesamt 3)
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