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    Jan Peters

    Dear reader, I have the Genos now for 3 weeks. My previous instrument was the Tyros 2. And as such I am not familiar with the playlist function. I would like to have several playlists in the Genos with registrations based on my songbooks which I use during my performance, because I believe this will save time in switching between the music titles. By creating a new playlist I get stuck and I am totally lost how to copy a registration form the registration libary into the (new) playlist. Your (step by step) support will be much appreciated.
    Perhaps this is not the right way to do, if so please correct me. Your reply might be in German, because I do understand the German language, but writing is for me a real challenge.
    Many thanks in advance, Jan


    Hello Jan,

    if you´re working with Songbook+, you needn´t Playlists.
    You can organize and make links to every Registrations for your songbook+ sites.
    It is possible to link from a registration to Songbook-site, or to link songbook+ sites with a complete Registration Bank.

    But in additional: You can use Playlists with linked Songbook+ Entrys. Alle linked Sites will be select, if you use linked Registrations in your GENOS-Playlist.

    Hope, my answer helps to understand 😉

    Best regards

    Jan Peters

    Dear Joerg, many thanks for your fast reply, this is much appreciated. However we have a misunderstanding and the root cause for that is that I used the word „songbook“ in my request for support. By songbook I mean a folder with sheets of music (scores). Unfortunately my playing skills are limited to the use of musicsheets only. The registration library in my Genos contents about 7500 titles now. To search to a certain title in the registration library takes to much time, that is why I would like to have several playlists per folder of musicsheets. I hope you understand my problem.
    Best regards, Jan


    hallo Jan!! now, I’m afraid, if got the same problem, you had month before… I don’t play with sheets but I just want to save a whole lot of new style settings. New songs.

    You might understand my problem. I’m a KORG USER and player. Yesterday I bought this GENOS. HOW on earth can I save my styles, to which I sing, to a place, where I can find it with its name in the playlist.
    What do I do, if all the 10 registrations buttons are „occupied“ (is that English??) 😉 how and where can I save and rename



    oh, question from Jan have not arrived me in the past :-O ….
    Ok, with Playlists you can create your own „Songbooks“.
    Basic are Registration-Memory-Banks. With this banks you can create your different „Playlists“ (This is the Yamaha-like word). If you use word „Songbook“ i meaned, you use Songbook+ for iPad, sorry. But please: NEVER use own word-creations 😉

    EG: You have 100 (or 7000) Registration-Banks.
    Now you can create different Playlists.

    EG: REG Bank No. 1 (Last Waltz) can be used in different Playlists. EG: Playlist called „Standard-Dancing“ + „Waltz“ + „Oldies“…. in all Playlists you can mix and use your Registration Banks.

    If you edit a Registration-Bank, changes will be apply in all Playlists automatically (because, Playlists are only File-Adresses, nothing more)

    Hope, you, and Monika understand 🙂

    @ Monika: Nur keine Panik. Gewöhne Dich erst einmal in das GENOS ein. Vieles klärt sich im Laufe der Einarbeitungsphase. Und wenn Fragen sind: immer her damit 🙂

    Beste Grüße
    best regards


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