Yamaha Genos2

The Yamaha Genos2 is Yamaha's latest premium arranger keyboard and the successor to the Genos released in 2017.

The Genos2 sets new standards in the world of arranger workstations. It integrates the legendary DX7 FM technology and offers innovative features such as ambient drums and Steinberg's REVelation Reverb. With the Style Dynamics Control it enables an impressive musical variety. Its improved, high-contrast, anti-reflective display and the live control LEDs complement the technical innovations.

Questions & information

When will your software for Genos2 be available?

We already have the new Genos2 in our studio and we are of course already busy researching the new keyboard and discovering the new possibilities. Of course, we also test whether and in what form we can offer our software for the new model. We will provide further information here in the next few weeks and offer update versions for the new keyboard. If you don't want to miss any news, you should Subscribe to our newsletter!

Will there also be video courses for the new keyboard?

Of course, we are already planning a comprehensive video workshop that explains the general operation of the Genos2 and shows how to make the best possible use of the many new functions. More on this soon!

Our videos about the new Genos2

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